Long Story Short

Only in Moderation: Tips on Leading a Panel

Public speaking is one of the most unspoken, yet difficult, parts of the business world. Some people have a knack for it. Others need help, to the point where some universities have semester-long courses for...

What’s Your Position?

I can remember my first day of baseball practice like it was just this morning: the sun on my face, the smell of fresh cut grass and my overwhelming excitement. As I get older, there are few memories that top...

How to Design a Slide Deck

YES. PEOPLE STILL DO THIS. I think we can all agree that this is a poorly-developed slide. But sarcasm notwithstanding, slide design is extremely important in the corporate world. It does not matter what...

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The Next Video Trend

If you ever need evidence that the world of social media and video is taking over, let it be known my youngest cousin has started her own jewelry business. She has gone all in with Instagram, set up her own Etsy shop...

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