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Resource Pages, Revisited

What’s the Problem

A marketer’s goal is always to drive traffic and engagement. The more time someone stays on your web page more likely they are to become a client. Resource pages are a great tool for engagement for many B2B companies. Presenting webinars and white papers in one spot makes it easy for someone to dive in, find what they need, and contact you for the next step.

But when’s the last time you paid attention to your resource pages? How much effort are you really putting into them? Are they just a big 90-minute video in a box? Do you expect anyone to be thrilled with that? Is anyone going to watch that? The statistics say no. Attention spans are short, and the time people use to gather information before moving on is ever-shrinking.

But how do you make these pages compelling? What if you could see your metrics increase on those pages?

ArenaSolutions certainly did, and they even used Parmonic to do it! How wonderful, it’s almost like I planned it

Who They Are

ArenaSolutions works in the product management space. They create software that merges quality lifecycle and product management for successful launches. As experts in the space, they have made expert friends, as well. One of their favorite webinars was actually a panel discussion featuring leading innovators in the product development space. However, it rested inside their resource repository, and much of their wonderful insight was not being seen.

How They Did It

So, they turned to Parmonic. An almost 50-minute presentation was turned into bite-sized videos ranging from 2 minutes to as little as 30 seconds. Then ArenaSolutions went the extra mile and incorporated their own text description (taken from the Parmonic-generated transcript) to boost the page’s SEO capability, something that I personally have never seen on a resources page.

The result? On that video alone, ArenaSolutions saw a 6x increase in engagement, and they have utilized our AI-based video engine on many others. 

If you would like to see these numbers on YOUR resource pages, visit our main site here. Additionally, you can see more case studies here.

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