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Unpacking a linear video into a timeline

One of the templates that Parmonic offers by default is our video Timeline. Our co-founder and CTO, Nitesh, came up with it a few months ago while we were brainstorming ways to visually unpack our clients’ video content. We challenged ourselves to “snackify” video content; to smartly break it into highlights so people did not have to go through hoops to find what they wanted. Viewers click through more often when they immediately “see” their desired topic. The question was, how could we make those topics more accessible?

After a few white-boarding sessions, we made the Timeline. It is a bold format and a sort of experiment. We are truly rethinking how video is presented to an audience. Now, the important moments of your video are on full display. The days of scrubbing through a video, or pausing and rewinding just a few more seconds, are gone. All people have to do now is see, click, and retain. Your video is literally linear: top-down, nicely fitting on your web page.

The photo below is a sample of a client’s video timeline. Parmonic uses AI to create this from a longer video, roughly 25 minutes in length. All you need to do is paste a 3-line embed code on your landing page and voila – the timeline of interesting, snackable moments shows up. No mess, no fuss, just engagement.

linear video timeline

Piyush Saggi