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A quiet room

Creating a Business Video: the Perfect Space

The first thing you will need to record your own business video (besides a computer and content) is space. The ideal recording space should be quiet, your camera at eye level, and insulated for sound. Obviously, not everyone is going to have access to that. But there are ways to improve these spaces without breaking your budget for the quarter.

Try to find a quiet part of your office to record yourself in. Your mileage is going to vary on this, but even a huddle room would be a drastic improvement over your desk. You want something with a door, and the less glass, the better. Some office spaces, like where Parmonic is located, will have small “telephone rooms” that are insulated for sound. You can also find some cheaper microphones that can dramatically improve your audio quality in any space.

Next,  if you are using a laptop as a camera, raise it off the desk. You can use a stand or a few thicker books. Find your most learned friend, I’m sure he has an encyclopedia or something. Eye contact is so important when it comes to communication. You don’t want to spend your time looking down at people across the webcam; it gives off an impression of superiority in a way that is not flattering.

Finally, spruce the space up. I know, it sounds silly, but you don’t want to record yourself in a barren room with beige everywhere. It looks clinical, and you don’t want that to be the message your videos portray. Try putting up some brand assets, like the posters you would take to trade shows, in the background. Or bring a prop that can sit in frame with you. You’re making a business video, after all; you might as well include some business-related swag in it.

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