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3 Ways to Improve Your Webinar Q&A

One of the most common methods of interaction in a webinar setting is via a question-and-answer (Q&A) session. Web conferencing services now have built-in chat boxes, which allow viewers to submit comments in real-time to a presenter or moderator.

However, Q&A sessions have to potential to derail your video. After all, it is the one time you are opening up your well-crafted session to outsiders.

With that in mind, here are some of Parmonic’s best practices regarding Q&A.

  • Do not make Q&A the closing segment.
    • It is most common to make Q&A the last portion of your webinar. But this means that the thing attendees will take in right before they leave is not your content. Try including a 5-minute “wrap up” portion to bring the focus back to the presenter.
  • Ask for questions in advance.
    • One simple way to control the Q&A segment is by controlling the questions themselves! Asking for questions in advance allows you to pick the ones best suited for your presentation. You can include a comment section in the reminder emails, then select questions to be answered as the presentation goes on.
  •  Answer questions in chat during the webinar.
    • Choose someone to monitor the chat box during the video. Ask for questions as the webinar goes on; that way, they can be answered in real time. The chat moderator can take time to research and reply to each one. By doing this, the moderator can focus more on his presentation and controlling the flow of the talk.

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