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Increase engagement with asynchronous content

As marketers, we want prospects and customers to engage with us. We want them to consume our content. We want them to attend our webinars, come to our events, and read our blog posts.

And we want them to do this right now.

There are two reasons behind that –

  1. Content has a shelf-life so the message may lose value over time.
  2. Gratification – consumption of content by audience is the best kudos a marketer can get. Humans like instant gratification.

The challenge we deal with is that people have different schedules, busy times, timezones, etc.. It’s incredibly hard to get people to consume content in exactly the time-window you have in mind. The best example of this problem is live events (webinars and physical). There’s always something that comes in the way and prevents more than 60% of interested people from attending.

There’s one subtle thing you can do to increase the reach and engagement levels of your content. Embrace the ‘asynchronous’ mindset.It’s a heavy word used frequently in computer science.

In its simplest form, it means your content can be consumed whenever your audience has time and willingness. They are no longer forced to ‘sync’ with your schedule.

You might already be doing some of this asynchronous marketing. A good example is email marketing. You send the emails out via Marketo/Hubspot and your audience can consume that email whenever they are ready for it.

Think of your own schedule and content-consumption behaviors. The best way to impact your audience is to be available at their time and transform your content into formats that people can quickly consume when they have that 5-minute window while waiting for their Uber.

If you’re a firefly, there are several benefits to being synchronous. Here’s a short, fun video of synchronous fireflies you can see in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (just a few hours from our office here in Atlanta).

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