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Look at the Oldest Content Marketing in the United States

It’s all about bees.

All content creators want to make something that is memorable. It’s why we all chose the job we did. Each of us is in the same boat; we want the blogs we write, the products we create, to stick around for as long as possible.

Go open your company’s blog right now (preferably on a separate page). How much longevity do you think it has? Obviously, it can stay on the internet until the servers go down. But how far into the future do you think people will be reading it? Will it still be relevant in 5 years? 

One year? 

One month?

What if I told you there has been a content marketer who has remained in the same business for over one hundred and fifty years?

All about bees.

Yes, bees.

Let me introduce you to the American Bee Journal. Have a guess what they write about.

Yes, like I said, bees.

In 1852, Samuel Wagner heard of an extraordinary, alliterative preacher named L.L. Langstroth. He had invented a movable-frame beehive the year prior, and Wagner believed it would be the future apiaries in the United States. The pair published a book, Langstroth on the Hive and the HoneyBee, A Bee-Keeper’s Manual. The book was a relative success, but Wagner saw a hole in beekeeping literature in the United States that needed to be filled. Most journals about the practice were coming from Germany, and needed translation. 

So why not make a journal of his own? That way, he could promote his colleagues’ work and keep people paying for content. He brought on Langstroth as an advisor, and the first edition of the American Bee Journal was published in January of 1861. With the exception of the Civil War years, the journal has seen an uninterrupted period of publication ever since. 

One hundred and fifty-seven annual volumes later, American Bee Journal is still buzzing along (pun very much intended). Not too shabby for what started as an advertisement for an enhanced beehive. The big question is: can we all be Samuel Wagners and LL Langstroths? How can we keep our content relevant?

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