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Promoting Your Webinar: Top Online Marketing Strategies

So now, you have created your webinar. You know you have the best “widget” out there. So, time to get on the interweb and webinar. Not so fast! In the great big world wide web, you can get lost amidst the many others out there. You need a marketing plan to help you promote your webinar.

Where Should I Promote My Webinar?

Understanding where you will promote your webinar will help you with the next step, creating the content for your webinar promotions.

Let’s start with a few obvious ones.

  • Website
    • Write a blog about your webinar so it can be easily shared in email and social media.
    • If you have a calendar embedded in your site, add the event to the calendar.
    • Make sure your website is search engine optimized. Optimizing your site with the proper search terms ensures that your potential customer can find your site and your webinar details.
  • Email Signatures –
    • Add a link to the webinar sign up in your email signature.
  • Search Engine Marketing
    • If you have the budget run a Facebook ads campaign and/or a Google AdWords campaign. This does take some experience to run on your own. But it’s not difficult to get started with a little online research. You could also hire someone to run the campaigns for you.
  • Social Media –
    • If you have a Facebook page, create an event and then boost it. Boosting is super simple!
    • Make sure to share your event but also, create unique posts for each platform.
    • Research hashtags for your product/webinar that you can use in your post.
    • Do a mix of content. Do some still posts, text posts, and video posts! More on that in the next section.

Create Your Marketing Content

Now, time to make the content. Content is king, and queen, and pawn, and rook…you get the point. And just what is content? Content is anything you create that gets out the message you want people to understand. Content can come in the form of an image, meme, gif, video, blog, PowerPoint deck, and article.

The king of content now and in the future is video. According to Oberlo, 66% of Video marketing leads are more qualified then non-video leads. In addition, 54% of consumers want more video content. Video is perfect for marketing your webinar. This is where Parmonic can step in and help. We are way more than just an easy video editing software platform. Our AI video software, can take past webinars or any past video, and finds video highlights to distill for shorter videos that you can easily share across all your online platforms. The bonus of this is, there’s nothing for you to do. There’s no video editing software to learn and you are not spending hours combing through your footage to pick out the key points. Find out more about how Parmonic works here.

If you want to make a few images to share or Adobe Spark are great for producing graphic design level content without being a graphic designer. We also like for great free images that don’t look like stock.

Webinar Success

There are many great resources out there to help you with your webinar. This post just touches the tip of the iceberg of online marketing strategies for promoting your webinar. But they, are the key ones! How detailed you get in your promotion, how much time and money you invest, is of course up to what resources you have. Good luck!

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