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How to Use Video in Lead Scoring

Using Video In Behavior Scoring
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Using Video In Behavior Scoring

While the concept of lead scoring has been around for quite some time, the literature behind using video in lead scoring is still dated. General characteristics used include:

  • Number of videos clicked
  • Total time spent watching the video
  • Percentage of video watched

These metrics can be useful, but the problem we have found is that they give too much leverage to human nature. Let’s say a potential buyer reisters to watch a webinar, but then their kids get sicks and they have to leave only after a third of the presentation. Another one is they just simply don’t have the time to participate in the webinar at the scheduled time. There’s any number of things that can come up. Both of these people really want your product but outside influences mean that your system does not qualify them as potential leads.

Long Video Editing

You can’t do anything about these scenarios. But you CAN make people are likely to video your content after the fact. That’s where Parmonic comes in. By segmenting your video into smaller easy-to-digest moments (we call them video highlights), your potential leads only have to spend one to three minutes to get them interested rather than 45.

Parmonic takes away the headache of long video editing. You simply, load up the video and our AI platform scans your webinar and pulls out the key elements.

See the graph above for the breakdown and how to score your video lead.

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