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The Best Time for Hosting a Webinar

The Best Time for Hosting a Webinar

The best time to host a webinar
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What time should I host my webinar

The Best Time For Hosting Your Webinar

So, you have the best webinar planned out. It has everything: solid registration rates, an industry expert, and killer slides. Now, you are ready to execute your no-fail webinar marketing to attend. There’s only one problem. When are you going to host your webinar?

One of the problems with having nationwide outreach is timezones! It’s not something we really think about on a day-to-day basis. Personally, I will forget that I am on the East Coast, send a schedule request to a client for the morning, and then remember they are in Portland.

Not sure about you, but I sure don’t want an inbox notification at 4AM.

So, when do you schedule? You might be surprised to hear that there are some stats to help you out. In an interview with, GoToWebinar’s marketing Director Daniel Waas discusses when his platform sees optimal attendance rates. According to Daniel, 11 am PST is the best time to schedule your webinar.

This makes sense to us at Parmonic, as well. 11 am Pacific time is 2 pm Eastern time. If your webinar is an hour, that puts it ending, at the latest, around 3 pm. You can catch people late morning (some say this is the peak time for content consumption) and others who are coming back from lunch.

What is the worst time? It’s definitely around 3 pm PST. Why? Because over on the East Coast everyone has clocked out and everyone on the West Coast is zonked out.

Unfortunately, the data available did not take Alaska and Hawaii into account, but thankfully, most webinar hosting platforms have some on-demand functionality.

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Now, that you have picked your time, you can put that webinar marketing plan into action! Want to talk webinars and how we can help you with your webinar promotions and webinar editing? Then drop us a line at Parmonic at to speak to one of our brilliant customer specialists.

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