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Tutorial – Understanding the basics of video

For the technically-inclined audience, here’s a brief tutorial on how to start understanding characteristics of video recordings. This is also a sneak peak at some of the things we start with.

Let’s ingest a video file named webinar.mp4

Some of the basic characteristics we want to look at are:

  • BitsPerPixel
  • FrameRate
  • Duration
  • VideoFormat

Just a few lines of code provides you the answers. We use a combination of different tools.  You can use something like Matlab (the functions below will work in ML).

  • B = v.BitsPerPixel;
  • F = v.FrameRate;
  • D = v.Duration;
  • Format = v.VideoFormat;

Here are the answers:

  • B = 24
  • F = 30
  • D = 4.7
  • Format = RGB24

With just 4 lines of code we now have some elementary characteristics of this webinar clip.

So our test video has 30 frames/second and it’s using 24 bits per pixel. That’s pretty standard as most videos are 30/60 fps.

24 bits per pixel should provide enough vividness for most casual viewing scenarios.


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