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When do execs consume content?

One of the most important determinants of being successful with content marketing is understanding when people consume your content.

We recently looked at some research done by Raconteur that revealed in data something that we’ve anecdotally observed over a long time. Many execs are early-risers. The hours before the business day begins are some of the most fruitful hours as there are fewer interruptions.

A major implication of this finding on webinars is that most webinars are scheduled during the day but execs (and almost everyone else) is typically very busy during the main work day.

I still remember the time before DVRs and streaming video entered our lives. You could only watch your shows at a particular time and if you missed it, there was no other way to consume that show.

Marketers can give wings to their content (webinars) by freeing them from the cage of a fixed time frame. Content has to be readily available whenever the consumer wants to consume it.

Think about your own content consumption hours – when are you consuming business-related content?

Note – this research was conducted in Europe in 2017. That might explain why the commute hour is #2 in this list since many people in Europe commute to work using public transit. Here in the United States, unless you live in the NYC area, it’s more likely you drive to work. In another post, we’ll look at the commute hour to see how marketers can best use that time to deliver their messages to their audience.

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