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5 Takeaways: 2019 Libris Visual Content Survey

The beautiful people over at Libris and Contently put together a great data survey around the creation and distribution of visual content. While the majority of those polled were in a B2C organization, our B2B readers out there (I see you, your collar is unbuttoned) can glean some useful knowledge around using photography and video in your campaigns.

You can find the full document here, but I wanted to give my thoughts on a few data points that caught my eye.

What You Should Know About Visual Content

  1. Video is In the Rise. Compared to 2018, 73 percent of those surveyed said that their need for videography has increased. Teams are more and more turning to in-house content creators to control their brand story, and that in turn increases the number of visual assets created (most respondents claiming 30 or more in a month!)
  2. Short Form Video is Superior. 63% of participants said that they would be focusing on producing more short-form video this year. Live video and Instagram Stories, in particular, stood out as examples. This might also go without saying, but long-form video ranked the lowest in terms of audience engagement.
  3. Production Still Gets in the Way. Despite the demand and results short, custom videos have, they were overwhelmingly ranked as the hardest visual content to produce. Additionally, the largest obstacle appears to be a disconnect between the video creators and those who are utilizing said videos.
  4. Email Could be a Dark Horse in 2020. Everyone and their grandmother is using photos and videos for social media outreach. But a minority (only 49 percent) say they use visual content in their email marketing campaigns. There is a lot of talk around whether or not email is dead. Perhaps implementing some visual media can revive it.
  5. Use B2C Companies as Frames of Reference. Brands like GoPro, Red Bull, and Starbucks were cited as producing the best visual content around. Your audience may be different, but learning how they use things like scripting, graphics, and modern outreach techniques can be advantageous to your own organization.

Can Parmonic Help with Any of This??

Most certainly.

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