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Using Webinars for Account Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing Using Snackable Webinars

If Account-Based Marketing is a priority for you, then so is this post. I want to share an innovative way to use webinars in ABM. ABM is a complex and multidimensional strategy. After speaking with some of the biggest B2B brands and experts within the field, I have narrowed down two questions that everyone is asking:

1 – Who do I target?

Not only which accounts but who within them.

2 – What do I say?

You need content to send to people when you find them.

A growth-hack we propose to B2B marketers is to look at your webinar library. Webinars are great for several reasons so I won’t go into those here but here’s what’s important:

Webinar content is a goldmine for Account-based Marketing.

Here are two ways our clients use snackable webinars in their ABM execution:

1 – Pick portions of webinars that are applicable to your ABM messaging strategy. Then send them in targeted emails to your chosen segment. A recent webinar that your product team hosted is very likely to match what a target account needs to hear. Send them short, snackable pieces from webinars and there’s a really good chance they will reach out.

2 – Open it up to your sales team. Give them curated segments published as templates (in a MAS tool or sales email tool) and let them send the emails out. Sellers often know which accounts will be receptive to certain segments from webinars and can be your ambassadors if you do the heavy-lifting for them.

Parmonic makes all of this easy with our Webinar Snackification software. Our clients see 10x-30x increase in engagement from accounts that soon become cash cows. But even if you don’t want to snackify your webinars, using them raw in a clever, targeted manner might give your ABM efforts a lift. Request a demo if you’d like to discuss if Parmonic might work for you.

Piyush Saggi