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Boosting audience's sense of accomplishment with Parmonic

Boosting audience’s sense of accomplishment by snackifying videos and webinars

Our clients and we talk a lot about our shared goal of boosting audience engagement with videos and webinars. There’s another, subtle but valuable goal that snackifying videos leads to – boosting audience’s sense of accomplishment.

Imagine you started writing a blog post but had to leave it before completion. Or you started baking cookies and just after preparing the dough, you had to abandon the whole thing. These ‘outcome gaps’ create and lead to our feeling of incompleteness. They lead to cognitive stress because you’re having to make a decision to abandon something that you started with the goal of completing.

People don’t like cognitive gaps.

The field of behavioral economics and works like Alchemy teach us that people’s level of happiness depends on the many micro-decisions and micro-outcomes they face every day. Starting tasks and leaving them incomplete leads many of us to feel disappointed. We get more joy when we finish an entire song and not just end it in the middle. We get more joy when see our cookies come out of the oven, not just out of the food processor.

When the audience is offered a long video or webinar recording, there’s a very high likelihood they are going to abandon it after watching for a few minutes. People simply don’t have time or enough focused-energy in today’s distracted society. (Ask your boss when was the last time s/he watched a 45-min business video).

When you snackify your videos, you make it possible for your audience to consume their chosen pieces much more readily. As a marketer or trainer, you might get joy in seeing your message get consumed at a rate that is much higher than serving long videos.

Equally importantly, your audience will get the subtle joy of finishing micro-tasks that they chose when they chose to engage with your brand. If the micro-task was to learn about a certain aspect of your brand/product in 2 minutes, clicking on that 2-minute snackable segment will leave the audience more fulfilled.

Parmonic provides marketers and training departments a super-quick, AI-enabled way to snackify videos and webinars. You can learn more here and request a demo if you want to talk to us. Now you can have a higher impact in your role, and make your audience happier too.

Piyush Saggi