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Shorter videos, Longer engagement

When videos are shorter, more people are likely to click on them because “Duration: 1 hour” turns off people.

no time for long videos

People don’t know what’s in the video and there’s a 99.9% likelihood that only a few pieces of the video are relevant to each person in your audience. This uncertainty of “I know I don’t need or have an hour to watch this, and it’s going to take cognitive effort to sift through it” leads to the most-convenient thing invented by mankind – snooze. There’s always something more important and easier to attend to than watch a long, work-related video.

webinar snooze

Counter-intuitively, making videos more snackable and easier to digest in small bites ends up increasing the time a person spends with your brand.Why? Because you give your audience control and ease, both of which are equally important if you want someone’s attention.

People like control because they get to choose what portion of your video they want to watch. People like ease because hopping on a video timeline back and forth to find the right pieces is just not worth the time for a buyer. They can always put it off or talk to your competitors.

The brand that knows the most about video-viewing habits of mankind measures some very valuable metrics based on two important actions –

1 – Percentage of a video watched

2 – Action taken after watching video (e.g. did you watch another video or leave their website)

Making videos snackable leads to people watching more of them. This, in turn, also leads to better metrics like % watched.

Conclusion: You’re better off with people watching 2-mins of a 3-min video versus them hitting the snooze button and never watching a second. Shorter videos lead to longer engagement.

Self-promotion: while you can snackify videos using lots of manual labor, there’s an software-driven alternative. You can check out what Parmonic can do for you here.

Piyush Saggi