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Doing More With Less With Webinar Recordings

Doing More With Less With Webinar Recordings

One of the most common phrases in the world of marketing is “doing more with less”.

Whether you’re a marketer at a Fortune 500 company or a small company, Marketers are always under pressure to do more using less resources (aka money).

Here’s a realistic, actionable recommendation.

Videos and webinars are the most favored content format by buyers across all industries. Putting together a webinar takes a lot of time and energy. It’s often not the actual cost of hosting the webinar (whether you use an in-house tool or a 3rd-party) but the amount of planning needed that’s the biggest “cost”. It’s an opportunity cost because it means you just lost that time from your life and can’t do other things (like a custom ABM campaign).

But what if you can use your existing video assets and webinar recordings in a new format? What if you without increasing the number of webinars, you can increase the reach and impact of existing (and past webinars)?

There are several ways to accomplish that. You can create a ‘re-purpose’ schedule that rotates the content from the past in new campaigns. You can set aside a blog post every month to promote a webinar recording. It sounds trivial but you’ll be surprised how effective it is to add it to your calendar as that becomes a forcing function to do it. Otherwise, it just reaches Medicare age like some many other things on Marketers’ list.

You can also use an automated solution like Parmonic if that’s a fit for you. Check it out.


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