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How to Increase Audience Engagement: Shorter Videos

By now, I am sure many of you have read Vidyard’s 2018 Video in Business Benchmark Report. If you have not, might I direct you here, as it is a trove of data on where the use of  video is going in the business world. But I want to focus on one section in particular.

Focusing on audience engagement, this graph tracks the percentage of viewers who view 100 percent of a video by length. To be frank, no one should expect a 100 percent view rate. Bots exist. People’s internet break. Things happen outside of our control as content creators. But compare the immediate drop-off of a video between 90 and 300 seconds (a minute and a half to five minutes, respectively) to that of a video over 30 minutes in length. Ten percent of the way through, that long-form video has already lost 41 percent of your original viewers. Only 14 percent will stick through to the end.

Most businesses are following the trend of their audiences by keeping videos short. Or, at the very least, using something like what we offer at Parmonic to make their long videos into a more compact model.  How are you keeping people engaged?

easy video editing software

If your business uses video to help them communicate to employees and/or clients, Parmonic has an easy video editing software platform that can help. Well, we don’t like to say video editing as that can imply that you, the user, would have to have some knowledge to edit the video. Our platform is more than that, it does the work for you. No

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