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Invest in new videos or snackify existing ones?

If you’re wondering whether you should invest in producing high-quality 2-minute videos or snackify existing videos, here’s some things to consider:

Clarify your goal – if you believe you have some worthwhile content trapped in a webinar or presentation recording and there’s an audience that will find value in it if you made it more consumable, then it’s definitely worth it. If however, your goal is to put out a Hollywood-quality brand video with special effects then it’s better to invest in a new, short video.

Who’s going to come up with the script?

One of the most tedious things to do is to come with the initial script that you can start collaborating on with your video team. From our own personal experience, it seems this is the step that kills most dreams of putting out video content. It takes a lot of energy and thinking do it right.

This problem gets solved when snackifying existing videos (at least if you use a tool like Parmonic).


Video production is expensive. Many agencies charge a lot of money and perhaps, rightfully so because it is pretty labor-intensive. Snackifying videos costs a fraction of what is costs to produce new videos.

Finding the right resources

One of the biggest challenges companies face is to search for and identify good talent/agencies to produce videos. Most talented resources are often booked for months in advance and typically work on large projects. Some companies might have an internal video team but it’s rare that the team has the bandwidth (or desire) to snackify existing videos. It’s just not that sexy.


It often takes months to produce high-quality, scripted short videos. It might take 2-3 quarters to make it happen. If you need to have an impact on your marketing efforts quickly, then repurposing and snackifying existing videos is the way to go so you can have an impact in the same month.

Impact metrics

If you’re looking for branding opportunities and not looking to measure video consumption as an indicator of a person’s likelihood to purchase, then high-quality shorts are the way to go. However, if you’re looking for content consumption as a signal of buyer engagement then repurposing videos high in substance will reveal what your buyers are truly interested in.

Producing new videos and snackifying existing ones are not mutually exclusive. You might be surprised, however, to find out that spending 20% of your video energy/budget on snackifying leads to more than 80% of the total consumption of video content by your audience.

People value substance more than flashy ads about a brand.

Give your existing videos a longer life and give your audience content that will be truly valuable to them, even if it doesn’t have all the special effects of a Hollywood film.

Piyush Saggi