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The Snackable Movement in Content Marketing

A while back, I wrote an article about the ever-shrinking attention spans of humans. It seems like more and more people are choosing to view shorter pieces of content, as the popularity of Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok show. My generation, in particular, matured alongside Vine (RIP), which set a six-second limit on videos uploaded to the platform. It forced users to be as funny as possible within a short period of time, and we ate it up. But now, as Millenials become your clients, they are going to expect the same from you. But how do you change your content marketing to appeal to this audience?

You’ve been to a fancy restaurant. The trend for the past few years has been small plates. Tapas, sharaeables, for the table; it all stands for the same thing. People are shying away from big meals. It leaves them bloated. Maybe they don’t have time to sit for a whole steak dinner. But throw down some empanadas, a bottle of rosé, and two friends to share it with, and you have a great time.

It is all about making things “snackable“: small-form, easy to digest, and simple to share. Your marketing strategy should be the same way.

Look at a company like Robinhood. They’ve taken financial news and updates (YAWN) and figured out how to present it in a 3-minute newsletter (YAY). They call it “digestible financial news,” and by making use of memes and a simple layout, more people will take less time to make smart financial choices.

Great Big Story is a news/video site specializing in shorter content lengths. Most of their videos do not exceed five minutes. They also make the length of their videos visible before you watch them. This not only prepares the viewer for how much time is necessary, but someone might be more likely to say “sure I have 2 minutes, let’s learn something about the world.”

Meanwhile, you still make webinars 45 minutes long, and expect people to watch through to find the important stuff? Seems silly to me. Try making your videos bite-size. Give viewers what they want faster, and you’ll see results.

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