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The Next Video Trend

If you ever need evidence that the world of social media and video is taking over, let it be known my youngest cousin has started her own jewelry business. She has gone all in with Instagram, set up her own Etsy shop, and is posting vlogs of her and her friends wearing her products. She is also barely in high school. 

As a reaction to the advent of influencers and oversharing, businesses have started to look at alternative video types for their companies. This graph from Vidyard shows what most organizations

already use, and the results seem pretty standard: demos, webinars, and product showcases. But look at what is not being used. Culture videos have only a 22% imprint, and direct videos and blogs even less.

Consider these video types as new marketing strategies. We live in a world where everyone knows everything about everybody, and detriments aside, it is something marketing teams can use to their advantage. People want transparency, to see the people behind the products they consume. Give your team a face, a voice, by showcasing them in your social media posts. Make a quick Boomerang of the next ping-pong match. Interview a team member about their recent volunteer work. As little as they may seem at first, these kinds of videos help your clients and leads trust your organization. The sooner you jump on this train car, the better: all indications show that these lower-imprint methods are only going to rise.

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