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The Webinar Funnel

Webinars can be one of the most impactful content marketing channels and digging deep into the numbers reveals interesting insights.

We crunched a lot of research and distilled it into this graphic to visualize the webinar funnel.

As a marketer, you likely already think of a leads/marketing funnel. We hope this illustration helps you up your game to the next level and start thinking about the webinar funnel. Why? Because 90% of your audience is likely not receiving your content or engaging with it. You get their attention at the top of the webinar funnel and it’s downhill from there.

Here at Parmonic, we believe that the marketing funnel is a macro-view. It’s made up of mini funnels. Each main campaign tactic/channel has a funnel of its own and our goal is to help marketers boost results from their webinar funnel by storifying webinars. Our tool impacts every stage of the webinar funnel and beyond. You work hard to produce webinars. It’s time you get the biggest-possible ROI for your efforts.

Note: our research is based on the B2B market with a big dominance of tech companies, and is agnostic of the type of webinar-hosting tool used.

An illustration of the webinar funnel at b2b companies produced by Amplily.


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