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What content type do C-level execs share?

As a marketer, you might have to get your message delivered to C-level executives. Even if the “buyer” or “users” of your products are lower in the hierarchy, most brands need to leave an impression on the C-level execs.

Ever wondered what kind of content do C-level execs share?

Recent research reveals that short-form text and video are the most popular content formats shared by C-level execs. As the demands on their schedules go up and the volume of messages coming at them increases, senior execs have very limited bandwidth to get exposed to marketers’ messages.

You’re competing for that most precious resource that dictates likelihood of buying – impression.

You can only impress potential buyers if they consume your content and pay attention. Increase the likelihood of people paying attention to your message by delivering it in formats that have a much higher likelihood of consumption and sharing.


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