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to do or not to do

To do or not to do

This brief article answers five questions to give you a quick sense of what Parmonic is about and whether you should explore further.

Why you should care about the problem?

Are people consuming your long videos? How many are clicking on those recordings and watching them through?

Your audience (customers, partners, employees) doesn’t have time & attention to watch long videos. Emailing them links to recordings is probably not helping (check your CTRs). Putting these long videos on the web is likely not leading to much consumption (your analytics will show how almost 90% of the audience is not consuming these recordings and dropping off very early).

What topics your audience consumes is the biggest indicator of what they’re interested in; if you don’t make it possible for them to even consume your videos, you’re losing out on this extremely significant signal.

What does Parmonic do about it?

Our AI “watches” your long videos, identifies topics and segments that the video should be broken down into (in order to make it more consumable) and recommends these to you. The main goal is to unpack a video to increase the number of people who can get value from it by giving them a shortcut to the bites they might care about.

You can either take these “bites” as-is or tweak them without having any knowledge of video editing. Video content creation has never been this easy.

What impact will it have?

Our clients report 700% to 2600% increase in video consumption and engagement.

Yes, that’s right.

Plus, you’ll be able to send video content to your audience at the speed of light. No more waiting weeks/months working with an expensive agency.

How does it work?

We’ve built one of the smartest video engines possible – an AI that watches your videos to parse and understand them way beyond just looking at the title and tags. We’ve developed some ground-breaking algorithms on top of basic NLP techniques found in products like Siri or Alexa. In addition, we use Computer Vision to “see” what’s in a video. Our most important contribution to the field is in understanding video content, not just identifying faces and objects.

So far, we have trained our program on three million minutes (and counting) of corporate video footage.

What does it not do?

It’s important we share this too. We’ve built our technology to understand rational content, not emotional content. So if you have a video where an expert is talking about a technical topic, that’s in our wheelhouse. If the person cracked a joke, that’s not what our technology is looking for (or going to understand).

What should I do?

If you think Parmonic could help your team, give us an email or schedule a demo.

Piyush Saggi